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Ep.22 Yarra Valley Balloon Sunrise

Aug 15 2011

Contact the Dealer Directly

Address: 100 Fitzgerald St Northam 6401

In episode 15 we took you ballooning over the Avon Valley and this week we’re lucky enough to have the same experience over the Yarra Valley.

Ballooning is entirely dependent on the weather, however the conditions in the Yarra Valley are perfect for ballooning, making the odds of flying extremely high. This is because the Yarra Valley is naturally sheltered by the surrounding ranges.

From high above the clouds you get a picturesque view of the landscape, making it a serene way to see the valley.

Most flights last an hour, depending on the wind direction and strength.

Once you’ve landed you’re taken back to a local winery for a 5 star champagne breakfast.

To get out of your chair and into the air contact the team at Balloon Sunrise.