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Ep.15 Melbourne Balloon Sunrise

Jun 29 2011

What could be a better start to the day than a hot air balloon ride right through the heart of Melbourne CBD?  

Part of the old-fashioned charm of ballooning is that it’s entirely dependent on the weather. Unfortunately since the best flying conditions are at sunrise it means there’s no avoiding the early start but the trade off is a magnificent view over Melbourne city.

Balloon Sunrise is the oldest commercial balloon company in Australia and commenced operation in 1986. Since then they have taken over 85, 000 to the skies in one of the most relaxing forms of travel around.  

Balloon Sunrise fly all year (weather permitting) and each season provide its own unique experience. Winter and spring offer clear, crisp mornings with great visibility and Autumn is characterised by spectacular day breaks.

What you can see from up there is incredible and Melbourne is one of only a few cities in the world that allows hot air balloons to cross through the CBD. As you glide over silently, the city quite literally wakes up below you.

Once you’re back on the ground you’ll be whisked back to the Langham Hotel to enjoy a 5 star gourmet champagne breakfast with the pilot.

Whether it’s a weekend escape or a midweek getaway there’s no better way to see the city than with Hot Air Ballooning Melbourne.  Where you float to next is totally up to you.