Aaron Pitt (HOST)

Aaron Pitt (HOST)

Aaron established Zoom TV in 2008, motivated by a desire to better communicate automotive products in an educational, informative and enjoyable way.
He spent a large portion of his career in the car auction industry, however, after 10 years he found it difficult to market products to customers effectively as many felt intimidated by the whole experience. He believes Zoom TV is the perfect platform to break down the barrier between retailers and customers.

Aaron’s ultimate goal was to evolve Zoom TV into a unique and interactive marketing medium that would give the viewer the opportunity to experience a product, without the added sales pressure of purchasing it. The Zoom TV website, television program and iPhone App have all worked to improve the clarity and circulation of information on the market.

Aaron’s love of all things media has seen him act, write and produce in both television and radio. His television experience includes appearances on the Motoring Show, Real Estate Programme, Mining Matters and Home in WA. He loves emceeing live events and recently co-hosted the 2011 StyleAid.
As well as presenting on Zoom TV, he is the Managing Director of Torque Productions, a production company overseeing the creation of Zoom TV Hot Deals, Just the Facts, Television Commercials, Corporate videos, web videos and the Zoom TV Discount Club.

Aaron has big plans for the future and hopes to evolve Torque Productions into one of the biggest production houses in Australia.

Aaron is available for MCing, event hosting and as talent for your video production. ENQUIRE NOW

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