Clear Renew is the Australian distributor of Vivilon, a revolutionary and unique range of products that make anything old look new again. Whether we like it or not, your marine, automotive, aircraft or commercial painted surfaces are exposed to the harsh Australian climate and the effect it has on painted surfaces, accelerating the fading and oxidization. This is often responded to by buffing or polishing and the use of harsh chemicals which over time will actually cause more damage by making the surfaces substantially more vulnerable to those UV rays that caused the fading and oxidization in the first instance. Traditionally these surfaces would need to be prepared then re-sprayed which is not only labor intensive but sometimes impossible to do due to the location of the structure. Despite the need to buff, polish or spray paint these deteriorated surfaces, we hesitate because we think of all the work involved in doing so plus the expensive, time consumption and difficulty. Using Clear Renew to restore and protect those surfaces is far more cost effective than these traditional methods of replacement or repainting as it can be applied on site using environmentally friendly application processes. Restoration jobs which were once considered as daunting expensive tasks are now within reach.
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